How Rotary Became the Heart & Soul of Polio Eradication

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Who doesn’t enjoy watching a good movie? Movies have the advantage of visually capturing the audience’s attention and drawing them into a story in way that is difficult to do with any other medium. Dare to Dream is the only high-quality, full-length documentary about Rotary’s history with polio eradication. The good news for us as filmmakers, and for all of us as Rotarians, is that we have a GREAT STORY to tell. What better way to share the great news about Rotary and our engagement with polio eradication?

We have some ideas to share about how you can use your purchase of the Dare to Dream documentary to help with membership retention, member recruitment, public relations, and of course, to raise money for Polio Plus. Understandably, after three decades of supporting polio eradication, for some there is a noticeable lack of passion and enthusiasm for continued fundraising. Use this movie to help your members reconnect with our past and better understand the scale of the amazing public health achievement that is just ahead.

Tax Deductible

The Rotary District 7620 Project Trust Fund, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, owns the Dare to Dream documentary, and is offering Rotarians around the world the opportunity to buy the film as a fundraiser for polio eradication. 100% of net proceeds from sales of Dare to Dream will be donated to the Rotary Foundation for Polio Plus. For purchasers who are eligible for a tax deduction, $20 of the purchase price of the film is tax deductible. (Note: see your personal tax advisor for advice on tax-deductible charitable contributions.)